Experts have singled out four body types depending on the shape, the structure and the distribution of weight: the Pear, Banana, Hourglass and the Apple and they are body types who all have pros and cons.

Proper exercise can directly alleviate any existing problem and improve the already well-formed points of the body, while an inappropriate program can bring exactly the opposite effect.

Find your own body type and follow the right program with the purpose of proper exercise and visible results:


1. You tend to stay thin:


a) in the upper part of the body

b) throughout the body

c) mainly around the waist

d) at the lower part of the body


2. Where do you usually gain extra weight?


a) hips, thighs and buttocks

b) stomach and buttocks

c) both in the upper and in the lower part of the body

d) back, chest, hands and stomach


3. In which part of your body is harder to slim down?


a) at the lower part

b) at the upper and the lower part

c) is not that difficult

d) at the upper part


4. If you could change something in your body, what would it be:


a) buttocks, inner thighs and hips

b) stomach

c) the upper and lower part

d) both need work


More:  a) Pear, b) Banana, c) Hourglass, d) Apple



Features: Nice shaped upper body, upper abs and arms. The upper body is more lean and tight. Shorter legs and longer torso. The bulk of the weight is concentrated below the waist and when you gain weight, it’s mostly on your hips, thighs and the area behind the knees. Someone with pear body type has very good reflexes, so a good work out is gymnastics and sports that require strength at the lower part of the body and synchronization. The key is to choose moderate intensity aerobic exercise and combine with weights to strengthen your upper torso.

Suggestions: High speed jump rope, stationary bike in high speed and medium resistance, side leg swings.


Features: People with this body type usually need the gym less than any other type of body. It is necessary to focus on empowerment and formation of muscles, since this is your weak point. You rarely have wide chest, but you need to strengthen your back, abs and shoulders to help you have a good posture. You good at swimming, jogging, long-distance running since the distribution of weight is such that little pressure is put on your joints.

Suggestions: stretching exercises, step, abs, crunches, push-ups, swimming etc.


Features: This body type generally has strong bones and muscles and is less vulnerable to osteoporosis than other types. You rarely have lower back problems, as your abdominals are naturally strong. Your legs are slender with well shaped calves.

Suggestions: Jump rope, stationary bike in high speed and low resistance, fast walking, skiing.

The right exercise for every body type


Features: More volume and weight in the upper part of the back and chest. Torso is relatively short but feet are long and the stomach sticks out. To avoid this we need strengthening and increasing endurance of the abdominal muscles. You are good at sports that require speed and strength in the upper part of the body, such as racquetball, tennis, squash and every sport that requires quick, strong and sharp movements.

Suggestions: You will benefit if you do aerobic exercise combined with abs and strengthening exercises of the upper torso. Weight lifting is appropriate if you use a few kilos for the upper part and focus your attention on strengthening the lower half of your body.

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