Amazing green weight loss smoothie

This following recipe for this delicious green weight loss smoothie, promises to help you achieve your dream figure with its detoxifying and slimming properties! Blend it, try it for breakfast and enjoy a perfect silhouette!         What: 15 green... read more

14 Excellent foods for liver detoxification

The modern way of life causes many health problems and almost every organ of our body is being affected. Among all the organs affected is the liver, as whenever we overeat or eat processed or fried foods, but also when we expose ourselves to environmental pollution or... read more

Different foods for different goals

  According to experts, there is a suitable diet for any occasion, even to get a raise. Even though at first it may seem crazy, some foods can help us carry out our goals: To sleep better at night, to have the courage to ask for a pay raise, to achieve a... read more

Why you need to put essential oils in your life

What are essential oils Essential oils are extracts from the flowers, leaves, wood, bark, roots, seeds, or peel of plants and trees. Each essential oil has a distinct scent and it is consisted of at least 100 chemicals that have diverse healing effects. Εssential oils... read more

5 Foods that could ruin your sex life

An active and sexually satisfying relationship with your partner is a significant ingredient of any healthy relationship. You probably know that we are what we eat, so nutrition is highly linked with your sexual health. There are foods that can boost your libido and... read more

Homemade treatments with olive oil from head to toe

In ancient times olive tree symbolized purity and success. Olive oil is one of the most precious natural oils. It contains a large amount of calcium, vitamins A and E, iron, copper and phosphorus. It is an excellent remedy for dehydrated and sensitive skin, brittle... read more

25 Foods that damage your teeth

It’s not just sugar that can harm our teeth but a number of other foods that are generally considered innocent. Here is a list of 25 foods that damage your teeth: Refreshments Their high content in acids weaken your teeth enamel. Apples If your teeth are already... read more

8 Steps to becoming a happier person

Who wouldn’t want to be happy? Undoubtedly happiness is something that anybody would like, but the way to succeed that has at times been subject to scientific debate and research. So what would experts suggest for achieving happiness? Stop negative thoughts What... read more

Does obesity affect school performance?

If your child scores lower on tests or if it has poor performance in school, especially on maths, it would be wise to check on its weight. This is an advice American scientists give after conducting a research that made it clear that an overweight child, has probably... read more

10 Ways to test your self-esteem

Each one of us from a very young age, forms a personal self image, a view about who he is, how everyone else sees him and what are his weaknesses. It seems that a large role in shaping our self-image have the kind of interactions with those around us, but also the... read more

The profile of a sensitive person

We all consider ourselves and those around us more or less sensitive and according to our culture, our experiences, the principles of our family, etc. We consider this feature of personality good, desirable or instead a sample of weakness, naivety, etc. But what is... read more

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