Natural homemade mouthwash is equally effective as a store bought mouthwash, only toxin free and much more affordable!

Here are 4 refreshingly easy recipes to make natural homemade mouthwash for fresh breath that will reduce your toxic load and save you money!

(Prefer organic herbs and make small quantities so as not to lose their effectiveness)


  • Recipe 1
    With mint, green tea & alcohol

140 ml distilled water
60 ml vodka
1 tsp dried green tea
1 tsp dried mint
1 tsp glycerin
7-8 drops of peppermint essential oil

Boil the water and add the herbs. Leave it for three minutes and then drain. Add the alcohol and glycerin. Pour into a glass bottle, add the essential oil and shake to mix.


  • Recipe 2
    With rosemary & mint without alcohol

500 ml distilled water
2 tsp rosemary
2 tsp mint
1 tsp myrrh tincture

Boil the water and add the herbs. Remove from heat and leave it for 10 minutes to release the properties of the herbs. Strain the herbs out of the mixture and add the myrrh. Pour the mouthwash into a glass bottle and shake well to mix.

Natural homemade mouthwash for fresh breath

  • Recipe 3
    With thyme & chamomile without alcohol

120 ml distilled water
1 tsp thyme
1 tsp teaspoon chamomile
1 tsp fennel seeds
lemon zest

Add all the ingredients in boiling water except the lemon zest. Leave it for 10 minutes and then add the lemon zest. Leave it for another 10 minutes to release the properties and strain. Store it in a glass bottle and shake well before use.


  • Recipe 4
    With vinegar

100 ml distilled water
2 tsp vinegar

Mix all the ingredients and store in a glass bottle. Shake well before use.


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