Headache is the most frequent pain, which we have all sufferred from at least once in our lives. For some people headache is so unbearable, that 6 out of 10 who suffer from it, pop pain killers like candy.


Let’s see how much do we know about headaches.


Who suffer from headaches  more often, men or women?

a. Men

b. Women


Answer: b

Headache is eminently a feminine issue due to hormonal reasons. Women suffer 3 times more frequently from headaches than men.Of the 3 main types of headaches (migraine, cluster and tension headache), only cluster headache (which is the most rare type of headache) affects 5 times more men than women.


The most common type of headache is:

a. Migraine headache

b. Tension headache

c. Cluster headache


Answer: b

A 40-50% of the population suffer from tension headache, which makes it the most common type. Its symptoms are: achy feeling on both of the head or neck, accompanied by dizziness and reduced tolerance to loud sounds. Migraines, on the other hand, trouble a 10% of the population. Pain is localized on one side of the head, hence its name. Cluster headache is one the most rare types of headache, which can be recognized by an acute pain, mainly in the area of the eye.


How many people who get headaches aren’t relieved by conventional painkillers?

a. 5%

b. 20%

c. 50%


Answer: b

It is estimated that more than 20% cannot get relieved by plain pain killers (aspirin, paracetamol etc), so they are turning to alternative methods and therapies.

How much do we know about headaches

True or false?

a. Painkillers relieve headache

b. Painkillers can cause headache


Answer: Both

Painkillers may offer relief but headaches can also be triggered when you are frequently taking headache medication.


What means of Cosmetology has been used to relieve the common headache?

a. Mesotherapy

b. Botox

c. Hyaluronic acid


Answer: b

Botox injections are famous for smoothing out wrinkles on the face, but they can also treat chronic migraine headaches in adults.


Which one of the following may trigger a migraine crisis?

a. Wine

b. Cheese

c. Coffee


Answer: a and b

The most usual “suspects” for causing a migraine crisis are blue cheese, red wine, sausages and chocolate.

How much do we know about headaches

Headaches usually …

a. …indicate a serious disease

b. … are innocent


Answer: b

Experts explain that most headaches are not indicating any pathological problem. Symptoms that should lead us to the doctor at once are: acute and sudden pain followed by symptoms like fever, vomitting and stiffness.


Sex can:

a. Cause headaches

b. Cure headaches

c. Both


Answer: Both

Sex headaches are pretty rare. Usually the rush of chemicals in the brain caused by sex, provide some kind of healing for headaches.

How much do we know about headaches

Stress can trigger:

a. A tension headache

b. A migraine crisis


Answer: a

Stress is considered as an aggravating factor for causing tension headaches. Generally, stress may trigger a headache,  affect its frequency – duration and intensity.


Factors that can treat and reduce headache frequency are:

a. Exercise

b. A steady sleeping and eating routine

c. Less  alcohol

d. Less painkillers


Answer: All of the above

Experts explain that if you are suffering from frequent headaches you must follow a program regarding sleep, food, exercise and less medication intake.


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