According to experts, there is a suitable diet for any occasion, even to get a raise. Even though at first it may seem crazy, some foods can help us carry out our goals: To sleep better at night, to have the courage to ask for a pay raise, to achieve a pregnancy and much more. We consulted a team of experts on how to choose the most appropriate “fuels” in order to achieve the small but also the greatest challenges in our lives. Without further ado, here is what you have to eat to.. travel


Prefer: A low calorie meal.

Why: Obviously you will be seated for several hours in a car, plane, boat or train while traveling, so many calories are not necessary. Be sure to bring along a few small healthy snacks that keep fresh outside a refrigerator, which will help you avoid the ready-made, unhealthy meals that you will only load you with calories. If you have a sensitive stomach and you are probably prone to nausea, avoid lots of fatty, rich meals and lots of fluids, that will cause travel sickness.

Select: A cheese and turkey sandwich, crackers, cereal bars, dried fruits and nuts. request a pay raise


Prefer: Lean meats, whole grain products and a caffeine beverage.

Why: Because you want to be on your toes when you meet your manager, choose to eat proteins, which have the capacity to increase -to a certain extent- mental clarity (thanks to tyrosine, an amino acid) and wholemeal products, that will give you energy (thanks to complex carbohydrates). Furthermore, caffeine will help you keep your attention and perception sharpened.

Select: An omelette, containing the whites of two eggs, asparagus, mushrooms or peppers. An alternative would be a barley rusk with some low-fat cheese. sleep like a baby


Prefer: Milk along with wholemeal products.

Why: Whole grain products contain carbohydrates that can cause serotonin increase, resulting in a good mood and calmness. In addition to the proteins of milk, which have the tryptophan amino acid, can help you fight insomnia.

Select: One hour and a half before going to sleep, eat some yogurt or drink a glass of warm milk with whole grains. An alternative would be a sandwich with whole grain bread, tomato and a slice of turkey. go shopping

foods that you should eat before going shopping


Prefer: A light unsalted meal without a lot of fat or fiber.

Why: A light lunch before going shopping, will help you keep lot of energy, while at the same time will prevent bloating or unwanted temperature increase, especially as you walk or try clothes. Fat as well as foods that contain lots of fiber, for example legumes, whole grain products and vegetables, will only get you full and bloated as they need a lot of time to be metabolised by your body. It is advisable to avoid too much salt, which aggravates any swellings, after causing fluid retention. As for what to drink, prefer some water.

Select: One portion of roast chicken with a some green salad or a tuna salad. Alternatively, a yogurt with fruit or a small portion of pasta with tomato sauce.


.. to get pregnant


Prefer: Complex carbohydrates, protein and folate.

Why: The combination of complex carbohydrates with protein keeps the body’s insulin levels stable, which very essential for good fertility. Folic acid is also very important,  as it has been proved to prevent neurological disorders of the fetus in the early stages of its development. It is important, therefore, to start eating foods like liver, vegetables, nuts and legumes while you are still in the phase of trying to get pregnant.

Select: Milk along with whole grains and vegetables (raw spinach, asparagus and artichokes will give you significant amounts of folate).


.. to train effectively


Prefer: A small snack with carbohydrates as its main ingredient. Don’t forget water!

Why: If you eat lightly half an hour before exercise, you will manage to increase your energy without feeling inflated. The main purpose of this snack would be to help you not feel hungry and give you some calories to burn while training. Be careful though, if you overdo it you will feel uncomfortable and weak, because your body will need all its energy for the digestive process. Don’t forget to drink a glass of water before you start exercising and keep your body hydrated during work out.

Select: A yogurt and two whole grain rusks one hour before training. If your time is more limited, prefer half a banana or a small glass of fresh orange juice. These foods are metabolized more quickly into glucose, that gives energy.

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