Who wouldn’t want to be happy? Undoubtedly happiness is something that anybody would like, but the way to succeed that has at times been subject to scientific debate and research. So what would experts suggest for achieving happiness?

Stop negative thoughts

What happens when we treat our thoughts as objects? Treating thoughts as material objects can increase or decrease their impact on evaluation. For example try to write down your negative thoughts and then toss the paper on which you wrote them in the trash. When you physically discard a representation of your thoughts, you mentally discard them as well, at least temporarily so they are less easy to worry you again. What are you waiting for? Grab pen and paper and start writing!

Use your imagination

According to recent research, human imagination has so much power that can even change what we see and hear. The sensory signals generated from our imagination, are so powerful that they can change our perception of the real world. How you can use it to your advantage? Very simply by practicing in producing creative ideas and encouraging yourself.

Make a gift

Giving someone a gift not only makes him happy, but also you. Happiness can be bought, but only if we give money for a special gift to a loved one. As it seems, giving can have many beneficial effects. Give it a try.

Buy experiences rather than possessions

8 Steps to becoming a happier person

Each of us likes tangible gifts, but according to a survey, experiences seems to make us more happy than material possessions. The satisfaction we get from buying vacations, bikes for exercise and other experiences starts high and keeps growing. The initial high we feel from acquiring a flashy car or megascreen TV, on the other hand, trails off rather quickly. Five years after, your mobile is definitely outdated but one trip hardly loses its value.

Write down things you are grateful for each day

People who at the end of the day, wrote down all the positive things that happened to them, were happier. It is suggested that a conscious focus on good experiences may have emotional and interpersonal benefits.

Plan something fun

We don’t need surveys to convince us that making plans for something entertaining, makes us feel much happier in advance. For example, only by thinking that later on you will see your favorite movie, your levels of endorphins, hormones which are responsible for good mood are raised up to 27%.

Sleep at least six hours a day

Sleep is essential for our survival and for our happiness. Six hours and fifteen minutes of continuous sleep a day, make us more cheerful. Experts examined the lifestyles of 4,000 adults and found those who were happiest in life, work just over seven hours a day.


It may seem hypocritical, but to pretend you are happier can make you actually feel better. Research showed that the smile alone can make people feel happy.

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