Each relationship is different and as good as it might be, at times there is always room for improvement. Every relationship, whether it is business, friendship or romantic, it requires effort, energy and work.
Here are 7 tips to keep your relationship exciting:

Be active

If sex is the only activity between you and your partner, then something needs to be changed. When you have common activities, not only you take pleasure in it, but also your partner. Engage in physical activities and dedicate ample energy in them, together.

Be romantic

In the case of a long lasting relationship you often take him or her for granted. It is important for a relationship not to lose its romance. That includes actions to remind your partner how much you care about him or her. A flower, a note on the fridge or even an email. That all may sound old-fashioned, but they guarantee success.

Tips to keep your relationship exciting

Cook together

A couple comes closer during a good meal, especially if it is homemade. Design and prepare your dinner together. You will be surprised by the sparkling romance in the air during your candle light dinner.

Make experience gifts

Instead of giving objects as gifts try to surprise him with activities that can please him or both of you. A ticket to a concert, for example, or a surprise weekend trip will surely be refreshing for your relationship.

Be spontaneous

Spontaneity is the spice of a relationship. Some couples want to plan everything, and sometimes it is overdone but what’s worse, this kills any enthusiasm. Arrange a sudden trip for the weekend. Visit a museum in another city. Do unexpected things together.

Inspire one another

One of the things you absolutely need in a romantic relationship is to be an inspiration to each other. When two people come together, it is imperative that inspiration flows freely. If anything, this will provide a support for each other.

Tips to keep your relationship exciting


Humor is rejuvenating and can be the answer in some of the most serious issues that arise between a couple. A good sense of humor helps to relief tension and it is the spice of your daily life.


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