Constipation is a chronic problem for many people, but also transient like in pregnant women, people who have started a slimming program or due to the use of specific drugs. But apart from the cause, this problem is known to be quite annoying and affects our daily mood and energy. Let’s look at some easy, natural and effective ways to tackle it.

Increase your dietary fiber

It is essential for the health of the gastrointestinal system, as they help to restore intestinal operation. Consume daily foods rich in soluble fiber, such as apples, carrots, strawberries, citrus fruits, legumes, oats and especially insoluble fiber, such as wholegrain cereals, vegetables, grain, plums and other fruits.
If you consider the fact that modern man rarely exceeds 10-12 grams per day, then easily understand that changes in our diet should be more active. At times when the problem of constipation is intense, establish the wholegrain breakfast cereal at breakfast, at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day and legumes at least 3 times a week.

Consume enough fluids

They carry the useless substances and make the stool softer. At the same time strengthen the bowel movement, helping to make peristaltic movements, thus activating the emptying. Remember that our body needs approximately 2-2,5 liters of fluids a day, which you can get both from water and from all non-alcoholic drinks and beverages, such as coffee, milk, tea, juices and soft drinks.

Put honey in your diet

Simple ways to relieve constipation

Recent studies suggest that components containing prebiotics (oligosaccharides and inulin) contribute to constipation. To take advantage of its beneficial properties, drink every morning a glass of warm (almost hot) water to which you’ve added half a teaspoon of honey.


Discover the beneficial basil

It is beneficial against all diseases of the gastrointestinal system because it contains flavonoids essential oils and ingredients that seem to trigger bowel movement. Build a healing drink with some fresh basil leaves into a cup of hot water. Alternatively, eat some tender fresh leaves with a just a little olive oil.

Use olive oil

Olive oil contributes to the smooth functioning of the intestine. Include it in your diet, even if you follow slimming diet. Add at least a tablespoon of olive oil in your salad and for a better intestinal function.

Increase intake of probiotics

Simple ways to relieve constipation

Yogurt and even more sour milk, contains probiotic organisms that play a big role in maintaining the balance of intestinal flora. Combine it with a little honey, raw unsalted almonds or with whole grains.

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