Saffron is known at all to deal with anxiety and mild forms of depression. According to recent surveys, saffron extract can significantly help in dealing with anxiety and mild forms of depression. You can drink 5-6 drops in a glass of water, three times a day before meals.

St. John’s wort is mainly used for the treatment of depression. Many researchers have studied the safety and effectiveness against clinical depression.

• It has antidepressant properties

• It protects the heart from cardiovascular diseases

• Also enhances mental functioning and mental clarity

• It helps in lowering cholesterol levels

• It has antioxidant properties

You can drink 5-6 drops in a glass of water, three times a day, before meals. In Britain, over 2 million people use St. John’s Wort for the treatment of depression symptoms. It has been used for centuries as a medicine for treating depression, sleep disorders and nerve pain. It is a relatively safe herb. You should not use St. John’s wort while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Liquorice is an excellent herb which contains eight natural antidepressant substances that are actually quite effective in coping with depression. Liquorice root can be drunk as a tea, up to three cups a day, or taken in capsule form. But be cautious about taking liquorice for prolonged periods of time (more than 4 weeks) as it can cause water retention and high blood pressure.

Bergamot is a herb that contains citrus oil which is said to bring relaxation and relieve stress.

Rosemary stimulates the central nervous system. The dried herb can be used in pillows to help sleep and calm nerves. Rosemary herb can also be made into a piney-tasting tea and drunk to soothe nervous feelings that can accompany depression.

5 herbs against anxiety and depression

Valerian herb induces restful sleep, and also relaxes muscles. it helps relieve nervousness and irritability, both common components of depression. It is best taken in capsule form, as the tea has an unpleasant odor. Always ask your doctor.


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