In some point of our lives we rely on things that do nothing but cause us pain, anxiety and worrying.

Instead of giving them up, we hold on to them making our lives even more difficult.

Here is a list of 15 things you should let go of to be happier. Make the necessary changes, starting today!


  • Let go of complaining

You need to quit complaining about so many things. Nobody can make you feel miserable and no situation can ruin your good mood unless you allow it to. Positive thinking is a lot more powerful than you think, so choose to see the positive outcome of something. Nagging never helped anybody – it only makes us unattractive.

  • Let go of criticism

Accept the fact that we are all different and have various experiences in life, which affects our reactions and decisions. Stop criticizing something or someone that is just not similar of you. Diversity among people is most welcomed, though our basic needs to be happy and loved are the same.

  • Let go of the need to always be right

Wanting to always be right might have a disastrous effect on your relationships, only causing pain and stress. Resist the force that makes you jump into an argument over who is right. It’s not worth it, plus nobody wants to be around a person with such a self-centred behaviour.

  • Let go of the need to control everything

You don’t need to have control over everything that happens around you. After all you know that some things are beyond our control. Allow friends, family, even strangers to be themselves and enjoy life with it’s unexpected surprises.

  • Let go of labels

Open your mind and stop putting labels on people or situations you don’t understand. A mind is like a parachute, it only works when it’s open. The sooner you understand this, the happier you will feel.

  • Let go of your need to impress

Stop trying so hard to impress others and pretending to be something you are not, just to make them like you. Nobody is perfect and sometimes perfect is boring and unattractive. Accept the real you with all your imperfections.

  • Let go of self-pity

Get rid of all the negative and self-defeating thoughts. The moment you stop beating your self up and feeling sorry for yourself, you will start having faith in your abilities and achieving your goals.

Things you should let go of to be happier

  • Let go of the need to blame others

Stop wasting your energy in blaming others for what you haven’t achieved yet. You have the power to change your life so start taking responsibility and action.

  • Let go of your limiting beliefs

Anything is possible if you set your mind to it. Let go of the fear of failure and try to improve your life in order to be happier.

  • Let go of your resistance to change

Changes are good because they helps us move forward especially when we are stuck in the wrong place. They lead us to improvements in our lives so embrace the countless opportunities they have to offer.

  • Let go of fear

Fear is a creation of our mind, creeping inside our thoughts, preventing us of giving a 100% of our abilities.

Things you should let go of to be happier

  • Let go of excuses

Leave the excuses behind because you don’t need them anymore. Stop limiting yourself, take charge of your life and improve it.

  • Let go of the past
Enjoy your life and understand that the present moments are so precious to be wasting them on dreaming about the past. The past is gone and the future is unknown, the present though is a gift, try and take advantage of it.
  • Let go of attachment

Detaching yourself from things, places or people isn’t easy but once you manage to do it you will feel so peaceful and free. Attachment is linked to fear and as we said earlier fear is keeping you behind in achieving your goals.

  • Let go of living your life to other people’s expectations

Take control of your life and stop trying to please everybody with living up to their expectations. Don’t let other people distract you from the path you have chosen. You only live once, so make the best of it.



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