According to Feng shui, old stuff pilled in warehouses, attics and closets represent postponed decisions and our inability to move forward. It is wise to clear away old things to make space for new ones. Keep your home and work space clean and organized.
Getting rid of clutter will increase your productivity and financial wellbeing. The path to wealth opens up by clearing out piles of stuff. That could translate into a bigger salary, more clients, better contracts or even a bigger bank account.


Here are 10 Feng shui spring clearing tips to attract wealth:


  • Clean your front door. The front door is where all the good energy flows into your home. A clean door attracts prosperity while a dirty one repels it.
  • Change a burned out light bulbs. Your financial future may be as dark as your rooms are. Replace them to brighten up your potential to attract wealth.
  • Clean your windows. In Feng shui, windows represent the eyes of your home. Clean windows symbolize a clear view of your opportunities, while dirty ones block vision.
  • Remove dried and dead plants/flowers. They symbolize dead energy, so replacing them with healthy, living ones can help you grow wealth and prosperity.
  • Clean your office chair. Sitting on a dirty, broken or torn chair this Office may represent neglect on your work. Clean your chair or get a new one to improve your career prospects.
10 Feng shui spring clearing tips to attract wealth

  • Replace broken mirrors. If you have a broken mirror you cannot see things clear. You should replace it in order to have a fresh look at your future!
  • Clear the cobwebs. Cobwebs symbolize being stuck in a situations that prevent you from moving forward.
  • Fix leaks. Leaking water leaking symbolizes leaking wealth. Stop the leaking to see your bank account increase.
  • Tighten loose door handles and knobs. Tighten your door handles and wealth will be well within your grasp.
  • Clean your stove. Your stove represents wealth and your ability to feed people. Keep your stove clean and fix any burners that don’t work properly.
Now you are ready to embrace spring and financial prosperity!
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